Team Coastal is a road biking club. We might take our mountain bikes out for kicks sometimes, especially when the weather is iffy, but the club rides are intended for road bicycles only. With the ever-widening range of bicycles out there to choose from, we sometimes encounter some confustion about what constitutes a road bike. 

We thought we'd check wikipedia to see if there were any insights to be found. 

In short, rload bikes have:

  1. skinny, high-pressure (~100 psi) tires on 700c wheels (except those specially built for the diminutive rider)
  2. drop handlebars
  3. multiple gears
  4. brakes
  5. Usually clip-in pedals and shoes
  6. and they are generally lightwieght.

Is a fixie a road bike? 

Not really. I know one guy who rides his fixie on group rides, and while he's a nice fellow, it's dangerous. He doesn't ride with TC.

Is a mountain bike with slicks a road bike?

No. You might keep up for a while, but probably not for long.

Is a Dutch city bike a road bike?

No, even though it is ridden on the road.

A recumbent?

I suppose it is, technically, but it isn't appropriate in a group riding situation where we're close together, drafting.

What about my hybrid?



This one can work. You'll probably suffer extra for those big tires, but you'll keep up with the Navel and some Valencia pace rides. We have one member who routinely lays the smackdown on a bunch of us on his 'cross bike. Most find them to get heavy, and they don't really handle the same as a true road bike, though.

Many bike manufacturers have a wide range of road bikes - endurance, 'free-road,' endurance, touring, racing. Any of those will work. Each brings strengths and weaknesses to the party, and finding the right bike for you demands the right fit, and a bike that meets your needs as a rider. Talk to Coastal members when you meet us if you're looking at bikes. We love to talk about those!



Team Coastal is a diverse group of men and women, boys and girls who share a passion for cycling. Some of us are road racers with decades of experience while others are recreational riders new to the sport. Some of us are still in high school while others have school-aged children. We live and ride throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia, from Delta to the North Shore, Tsawwassen to Aldergrove. Our desire is to develop riders of all levels through peer support, variety of rides and training opportunities.

Our goal is to promote recreational and competitive cycling in our communities while having fun.

Did  you know... Team Coastal has about 190 members!

Did you also know... Team Coastal holds more than 300 club rides every year!

What does Team Coastal do?

Club Rides - Every week we have multiple rides of varying speed and difficulty. Every week, at least one club ride is a structured, intense training ride. We also have other rides at a more recreational pace.  For more information, please check ride info here and go to the Event Calendar for details on times and days. We have designated Ride Leaders for all rides where possible.

Racing - Of all types... we have members racing Cyclocross, Triathalon, Road, BMX and Mountain Bike. Our Racing Director works to coordinate and support you as a racer and is backed by a budget from the club.

Additional Training Opportunities - Team Coastal hosts a range of additional training opportunities for our members. For example, we run weekly spin classes throughout the winter and hold training camps to prepare our members for upcoming races. For more information, please check our  weekly rides.

Additional FUN Activities - We get together to have fun off our bikes as well as on them. All members are encouraged to help develop the community that is Team Coastal Cycling by suggesting and helping to organize all sorts of events from ski trips to barbeques.

How can you become a part of Team Coastal?

Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call or visit Cap's South Shore Cycle at 7917 Scott Road in Delta 604.596.BIKE. Or go straight to our sign up page.  We're looking forward to riding with you!

You can contact us through our general email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can also get to our Board of Directors and other folks who make stuff happen.